Tomato Plant’s & CCTV Drainage division comprises high pressure jetting van packs for blockage clearances and CCTV inspection rigs for inspecting drains and other lines from 100mm to 2m in diameter.

All vehicles (van packs and CCTV rigs) are LEZ (Low Emission Zone) compliant and all teams and vehicles have passes to operate airside at Heathrow airport. All drainage services are available on a 24/7 basis including provision for emergency response.

Our jetting van packs are operated by 2 man crews and are equipped with 100m x ½ inch hose jetting at 4000psi at 15 galls per minute. In combination with a range of nozzles, drills and springs they are suitable for dealing with external and internal blockages such as toilets and sinks.

Our CCTV rigs are equipped with both flexible pushrod and tractor Pearpoint camera systems with built in sonde detection equipment to track the camera location at up to 1.5m depth. They also have Trimble GPS location equipment to capture GPS coordinates. The cameras provide a live video feed to the computer “office” built into the vans. The computer runs Wincan 8 CCTV reporting software to help prepare comprehensive survey reports. Clients can have an initial report and DVD immediately, followed by a full written report with all recommendations and fault footage after a few days.

Crews are NSWRA trained and carry full Chapter 8 signage for safe roadside deployment.

They are also MSCC4 and Confined Space trained meaning that, using the gas detection equipment and signage carried on the vehicles, they are able to conduct safe man entries.

Tomato Plant can also provide both hot and cold cure pipe relining.

The Vehicles in more detail...

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Fast and reliable - 24/7

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  • 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Heathrow Airside Pass
  • Licensed waste carrier
  • LEZ, FORS Silver Compliant
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Blockage clearance
  • "Look See" cameras
  • Pear point crawler cameras
  • Hot/Cold cure relining

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CCTV Van Unit

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Jetting Van Unit

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Portareel Unit

“Since meeting with Tomato over a year ago, our working relationship has blossomed, and I have entrusted more and more work with them as time goes on. They have a large, smart looking fleet to cover a lot of my transport needs, and the drivers are always helpful and friendly. They are efficient and professional in communicating back, and are rarely not able to do a job for me. I rate honesty and professionalism very highly in this line of work and they score highly on both. I look forward to many more years working with them.”
Sophie Ford, Sales Co-ordinator, Greenshields JCB